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Software testing

Creating a Test strategy

We will help create an appropriate strategy and plans for testing, which are aligned with your business objectives. Depending upon the size and complexity of the project this activity can range from a matter of days to weeks. And it is particularly important to get this right on projects where key elements are developed by third parties, such as an off-shore software developer, and delivered late in the project schedule.

The earlier that this is done the better. No one wants to spend a moment more than they need to testing and a lot of effort and cost can be removed from testing by timely action in the early stages of a project.

The presence of Test strategy gives you great benefit of knowing what we will test, how, when, how many resources (and which) we/you need, which prerequisites needs to be fulfilled and what deliverables you can expect. For these reasons, we highly recommend creating test strategy - it is worth of making it. Creation of test strategy means we learn your product/solution, find out what your environment is like, we find out your customs, know-how, overall testing possibilities and we will recommend best testing strategy and write it down. After we mutually agree on it, we continue with next step.

Test desing and test scenarios

Based on the requirements (if there are some) or based on your wishes/vision, we identify possible test areas and we design test scenarios. The structure of test scenarios is agreed in advance. We can write test scenarios according to your required format or we can use our timely proven format consisting of: test ID, test area (and sometimes test subarea), test title (short), prerequisites, test steps, expected result(s), rules for evaluation, test result(s), final result (passed/failed). And additionally another parameters lik responsible person, tester, results by product version/iteration/test run/.. We propose a set of smoke tests which are the main and first tests we should know to detect the most critical bugs and evaluate whether the product and environment is ready for further testing.


We are accomplished in various testing types: and of course we are skilled in test automation (we evaluate which tests are good candidates to be automatized - usually at least smoke tests and regression tests).

Test automation

We create fully-automatized or semi-automatized tests wherever it is worth of doing so. Otherwise we recommend you manual test - especially in cases where part of the product being in question is changing very usually/quickly and so the effort spent in test automization would be wasted. Automated test have to be as isolated as possible (data needed for the tests should be created by the test itself, then the test should run and finaly it should clean the data he used - the test should bring the system to the state it was before).
We use different test automation tools based on the technologies we should test (from Selenium for web application testing to manually written linux scripts for backend testing).