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Custom development

When you think of Custom Software Development, think IT Park. Let us write a new chapter to set your company apart.

Your organization is unique and unlike its competitors. To fully leverage its unique qualities, you need software products and workflows that address your unique needs so you can realize goals, improve efficiency, generate profits and capitalize on market opportunities.

IT Park can help you create custom software products and workflows that accommodate your unique and specific business requirement at minimal cost with minimal time-to-market. In working with our custom development experts, you will improve quality, reduce risk, and gain the capabilities and agility your business requires to seize new opportunities and respond to emerging business challenges in today's fast-changing economy.

The extensive experience of our software architects, project managers, and developers provide an arsenal of unique technology available to deliver the quick, flexible, and safe services you need to gain the high-quality, individualized software solutions you require.


Price for custom development is calculated individually everytime. Here you can find our averge hourly rates:
Junior Developer (PHP+MySQL+javascript) - 17 EUR ($23)
Senior Developer (PHP+MySQL+javascript+jQuery+Nette+Smarty) - 23 EUR ($31)
Designer - 23 EUR ($31)
Business analyst - 23 EUR ($31)
Solution architect - 35 EUR ($45)
Project manager - 35 EUR ($45)
Test manager - 35 EUR ($45)
Test designer - 23 EUR ($31)
Tester - 17 EUR ($23)